How will IVE JONES ensure a connected Freshmen COMMUNITY?

Freshman year is all about connectivity and centralization, which I plan to implement for the Class of 2024 by...

- Programming that focuses on reducing platform saturation, allowing C/O 2024 to connect without confusion.

- Increasing accessibility to Freshman Community messages, in order to increase participation in USG sponsored events and other student organizations.

- Developing a review system that allows USG to routinely gauge the quality of C/O 2024's first year experience.


Academic EXCELLENCE depends heavily on the mental health of our class. During this virtual year, it is my responsibility to look out for fellow Tigers by prioritizing USG sponsored wellness events as well as communications and programs that uplift C/O '24 and promote positive mental wellbeing.

  • Using innovative and alternative forms of virtual communication to minimize Zoom fatigue.

  • Increase accessibility to USG X CPS programming that students feel eager to attend

  • USG X CPS merchandise including weighted blankets, sensory stim objects, and other de-stressing items that can be distributed to students throughout the school year.


In order to have the freshman community we all deserve, USG must ACTIVELY EMPOWER its marginalized students by encouraging all students to be champions of social justice and equity for Princeton's most marginalized students.

On Class Council, I will ensure that USG...

... implements policy driven by reports from preexisting equity and inclusion boards.

...focuses on actionable measures to reduce on-campus and virtual racism and increase accountability for community health, similar to our university's Honor Code.

....remains true to the commitment of being in the "Service of Humanity" by focusing financial resources into community health for the university's marginalized students.


SERVICE is an essential component of staying grounded in such a consequential college experience. I pledge to increase the presence of service oriented, class wide activities by creating USG sponsored virtual service opportunities during Winter session. Students in the US North-Eastern region should have the opportunity to do remote community action impacting the Trenton community, in order to foster a positive relationship between Princeton and Mercer County.